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SoftSlayer Donor Info

Postby JHodges » Tue May 23, 2017 8:24 pm

SoftSlayer has never been a pay-to-win server, and we've never cared too much whether you donated or not, that won't be changing anytime soon. Our owner's are capable of keeping the server afloat for the foreseeable future and if you don't want to give us your money, you certainly don't have to. That being said, many of you in the past have loved to show your appreciation and we'd like to show ours by giving you some decent perks if you donate to us. The following are the 3 Donation ranks we have set up, at the bottom will be a link to Paypal. Thank you in advance if you choose to donate!

-VIP - $10 for 6mo.
VIP is the simplest of our ranks, however it does include some nice perks that the standard player will be able to use to enhance their playing experience on SoftSlayer. It includes the following:
-/tpa (and /tpahere): The ability to teleport to your friends, or bring your friends to you.
-/kit vip: A special kit for VIP members, nothing crazy, but it's nice.
-Colored Chat: Not much to say, it's just colored chat, yo.

-sVIP - $25 for 6mo.
sVIP is one step above VIP, and rewards you with a nice extra perk or two, along with the perks VIP already gives. It includes everything from VIP plus the following:
-/backpack: 27 extra inventory slots (all items drop on death like vanilla mc).
-/kit svip: Another super special kit that you also get along with the vip one.
-/nick: The amazing ability to nickname yourself something stupid.

-gVIP - $50 for 3mo. or $150 for 1yr.
This rank is for Creative. It's not a rank that we really go out of our way to advertise. If you're interested in really helping out the server, this would be the way to do it. Talk to JHodges in game or on Discord/Skype for more info.

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