May 2017 Server Changes

Noteworthy information, changes and additions to the Softslayer server.
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May 2017 Server Changes

Postby JHodges » Wed May 24, 2017 12:39 pm

-NO GRIEF: That's right, with the factions and mcmmo part being a thing of the past, so is the ability to entirely destroy someone's base. No grief will extend to what it used to as well, so that means No crop grief, no pet/horse killing, you must leave 2 animals for re-breeding, and as always, raiding is still allowed.

-Map Size: The map border will be 3,000. It's a lot smaller than some maps, but we're a lot smaller community now. The spawn border will be 300 blocks, so you can safely travel without getting spawn camped or seeing a messed up, tree-less, spawn area.

-Teleport Changes: This is a big one. From now on you can no longer use /tpa. That's right, your friends will have to walk to you, bummer.
(That being said Donators can use /tpa a bit *cough* *cough*). Whenever you use a command like /home, /warp spawn, /clan home, you ability to teleport will be shut off for an hour. To put it another way, you can teleport 1 time an hour, no matter which command you use.

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